Saturday Dinner at 1862, Union League. 2014

A Noon Hour at 1862, Union League. 2014

Romantic Evening at 1862.  2014

Candlelight Dinner at 1862.  2014

A House on Main Street, Moorestown. 2005 SOLD

Pleasant afternoon. 2002 SOLD

Back Yard. 2003 SOLD

Rain at Lunch Time, Latin Quarters. 2008 SOLD

Bryant Park. New York. 2002

Cafe in Vienna. SOLD

At Grand Canal, Venice. 2005

Early Afternoon in May, Baden. 2005

Carousel in Bryant Park, New York. 2002 SOLD

Central Park, New York. 2003

A Stroll on Griboedov Canal. 2010

Chicago in May. 2004

Apple Tree. 2005 SOLD

Wild Roses. 2007 SOLD

Blooming Jasmine. 2007 SOLD

Mid Day at Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.

Abandoned Park, Petergof, Russia. 2009

Flower Garden, 2005 SOLD

Abandoned Garden. 2005 SOLD

Moorstown in April. 2008

The Plaza. New York. 2004 SOLD

Griboedov Canal. 2010

Rue Saint Severin, Paris. 2008

A Rainy Day in Paris. 2008

Main Street in Moorestown. 2008 SOLD

A Path to Back Yard, Glen Cove. 2009

Skyulkill River and Philadelphia Skyline. 2006

Living-Room in a Country House. 2008 SOLD

Fence. 2008 SOLD

Sunset at Trafalgar Square. 2007 SOLD

Cafe on Bleeker Street, Neew York. 2005 SOLD

Night Life in Latin Guarters. 2008 SOLD

A Stroll from Rittenhouse Square. 2005

Apple Trees at Spring Oak Farm. 2008

Corner in Rittenhouse Square. 2005 SOLD

Early Morning at Barley Sheaf Farm. 2008 SOLD

Barn. 2011

Entrance to Spring Oak Farm. 2008 SOLD

Birdhouse at Spring Oak Farm. 2008 SOLD

Barley Sheaf Farm. 2008

Russian Village. 2011

Spring Oak farm. 2008 SOLD

Griboedov Canal. 2005

Rain in Latin Quarters. 2004 SOLD

Boulevard de Capucines. 2004 SOLD

Cafe on a Corner, New York. 2005 SOLD

Vineria Con Cucina. 2005 SOLD

Washingon Square Park at Night, New York. 2005 SOLD

July, Poppies in Bloom. 2004

Pavlovsk. 2003

Courtyard in Salzburg. 2005 SOLD

City Ligfhts. 2005 SOLD

Busy Day on Schuylkill River. 2005 SOLD

Cafe Vivaldi, Greenwich Village, New York. 2005 SOLD

Shop on a Corner in Little Italy, New York. 2005 SOLD

Carpenter's Hall. Philadelphia. 2006

Times Square during Blizzard. 2005 SOLD

Philadelphia Skyline. 2001 SOLD

The Gates, Philadelphia Zoo. 2006

Philadelphia Museum. 2001 SOLD

Philadelphia Skyline. 2001 SOLD

New York Street in Snow Storm. 2005

Elfreth's Alley. 2005 SOLD

Carpenter's Hall. 2005 SOLD

Elfreth's Alley in Winter. 2005 SOLD

Soho. New York. SOLD

Rio Dei Friari. 2006

A Fountain on Logan Square. 2007 SOLD

Parisian Light. SOLD

Parisian Street After Rain. 2005 SOLD

Philadelphia Skyline. 2006 SOLD

Gazebo. SOLD

Boathouse Row. Early Fall. 2008

Schuylkill River and Philadelphia Skyline. 2006 SOLD

Court Yeard. Venice. 2003 SOLD

Schuylkill River and Philadelphia Skyline. 2006 SOLD

Carpenter's Hall. 2006

Gates. Philadelphia Zoo. 2006

Parisian Showers. 2005 SOLD

Little Italy, New York. 2005 SOLD

Notre Dame de paris. 2007 SOLD

Verandha. 2005 SOLD

Trafalgar Square Twighlight. 2006 SOLD

Backyard in Lambertville. 2007 SOLD

Ponte San Trovaso. 2002

Fountain at Rittenhouse Square. 2005

Times Square at Night. 2000 SOLD

Canal in Dorsoduro. 2002

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. Beginning of Rehearsal. 2010 SOLD

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Rehearsal. 2010 SOLD







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